Daley: CNC Operator Continuing Education Course (WIOA Approved)

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Students will gain knowledge through hands on experience on full-size industrial CNC machines combined with on line theory learning materials to quickly learn this skill.

Topics covered will include:
* Machine Operation, Shop Safety, Blue Print Reading, Shop Math and Precision Measuring.
* Understanding of adjustments and operator procedures for Lathe and Milling machines with in process inspection procedures, machine startup and shut down.
* The option to prepare and take CNC lathe and/or mill operator certification tests to help you qualify for in demand jobs in CNC machine operation.

The class will included visits from industry representatives from local manufacturers as guest speakers who will share employer needs and expectations of CNC operators.

Plan Code: PROFDEV 4371
Credential: CNC Lathe and CNC Mill Operator Certificate
Duration: 12 weeks

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