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Join Innovate ’21: Blended Learning in Adult Education for a special presentation on facilitating student engagement and learning through navigation design!

Presenter: Yacob Abdi (Wright College)


This presentation will demonstrate the importance of course navigational design for learner access and engagement. A good navigation design minimizes the number of clicks students have to make to access resources within learning management systems, which, in turn, enhances the learning experience. The following research-based best practices in course navigational design will be shared: consistent labeling to prevent ambiguity, multiple access points to course resources, and consistent design structures to reduce cognitive friction and confusion. Participants will understand how learners become more confident when they are comfortable with a streamlined, well-designed navigational structure, preventing frustration while boosting engagement, learning, and retention.  

RSVP/Join Event: https://cccedu.zoom.us/j/93719326425

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