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Join Innovate ’21: Blended Learning in Adult Education for a special presentation on the power of using ed-tech tools in blended learning!

Presenter: Angela Kosmas (Wright College)


Using ed-tech tools in a blended learning environment has exceptional benefits for both teachers and students. This interactive workshop will introduce Quizlet, Edpuzzle, MyELT, Mentimeter, and Padlet, showing how each can be used to satisfy NRS-level student learning outcomes (SLOs), both synchronously and asynchronously. In breakout rooms, participants will identify SLOs to align with learning activities and tools and then practice these tools firsthand, sharing level-aligned ideas. Afterwards, one participant from each breakout room will speak for the group, sharing the ideas they brainstormed. There is indeed power in using ed-tech tools in the classroom to enable our students to progress and meet their goals and learning objectives.

RSVP/Join Event: https://cccedu.zoom.us/j/97384437601

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