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Join Innovate ’21: Blended Learning in Adult Education for a special presentation on using virtual manipulatives to support mathematics learning in the remote environment!

Presenter: Shelley Zisook (Truman College)


In the remote environment, virtual manipulatives are an effective means to support student learning. This presentation will demonstrate both how and why to use them. Addressing ​Math Practice Standards 4 and 5, ​manipulatives are appropriate at all levels of math in Adult Education. Manipulatives help students connect mathematical concepts by grounding them in kinetic and visual activities. Additionally, using manipulatives adds conceptual understanding to procedural skill and allows learners to express mathematical ideas in multiple ways, adding flexibility to the way they think about math.

This presentation will ​demonstrate free manipulatives​ that are readily available on multiple platforms, including cell phones. While virtual manipulatives don’t have the tactile advantages of real manipulatives, they are often more flexible and can be used in a virtual environment to support the transition to more abstract thinking. Participants will learn how to demonstrate virtual manipulatives synchronously and guide learners to asynchronous independent use, so learners can benefit from deeper mathematical learning.

RSVP/Join Event: https://cccedu.zoom.us/j/91737348834

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