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Join Innovate ’21: Blended Learning in Adult Education for a special presentation on how educators can keep ESL students engaged during blended learning through writing assignments and wellness practices!

Presenters: Maria Ochoa (Truman College), Jantae Spencer (Wright College), Blake Nemec (Truman College)


How do you keep a distance leaner engaged and encourage self-care? How do you dismantle educational and emotional roadblocks in a digital space? This session will demonstrate how to help distance learners achieve success by building a cohesive, collaborative online community using Zoom and Brightspace. Strategies include empowering students and promoting learner persistence with writing assignments to help build confidence in and out of the digital classroom, as well as encouraging digital literacy skills with student presentations. Additionally, presenters will discuss how to support students with wellness practices to increase self-care. These teaching strategies, resources, and tools will be provided to facilitate an effective, active, and supportive digital learning community.

RSVP/Join Event: https://cccedu.zoom.us/j/96530405286

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